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Dong Da district, Hanoi
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Working Hour
8:00 am - 5:30 pm



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Mechanical Engineer

- Designing, constructing, installing and operating new mechanical equipment and machines.

- Repairing and maintaining mechanical machines, proposing improvements.

- Control input and output quality of goods, control production process.

- Other jobs when required.

Requirements: Can communicate in English or Japanese, understanding the machine in general, does not require experience. Salary of 10-15 million.


Project Assistant

- Support to develop a project plan by seeking information related to the project, feasibility study.

- With the Project Manager to meet and collaborate with partners to build and develop the necessary relationships for the project, maintain contact.

- Support Project Manager in managing project budgets.

- Translate documents needed for the project into English or Japanese.

- In charge of other activities under the Project Manager's assignment to achieve the project's objectives.

Requirements: Can communicate in English or Japanese, can use office software fluently, no experience required. Salary from 8-10 million.


IT staff

- Building, developing and managing the network system, ensuring intranet security

- Check and maintain the computer system, printer, fax machine, camera, IP, timekeeper to ensure that the system and internal data network operate stably for information exploitation.

- Manage domain name, hosting, website, other data (photos, videos ...)

- Managing IT infrastructure assets in the Company

- Manage cloud information system, support users (employees and customers) to use project update system.

Requirements: have at least 6 months of experience working in the same position. Salary of 10-12 million.



Vina-CUES Company needs to find collaborators in the fields of: Accounting, Projects, Japanese, Engineering, Quality Control...

- Supporting the company in related work fields;

- Get direct guide from employees with long-term experience in the relevant field;

- Salary support monthly;

- Get chance to work in the field to improve experience;

Requirements: Can communicate in English or Japanese, want to learn about relevant majors and develop yourself.


Sales Staff

- Join commercial projects of Vina-CUES company;

- Find customers through guide, expanding customer relationships;

- Plan and report work weekly, monthly. Follow the approved plan;

- Draft the contract, set up the contract signing procedure, save a copy of the contract, transfer the original to the Administration office;

- Directly perform, expedite contract performance, including delivery procedures, invoice issuance, and check the quality of delivered products with customers;

- Track the contract liquidation process;

- Other related jobs.

Requirements: Graduated from relevant majors such as Business Administration, Commercial Economics, Marketing… Can communicate in English or Japanese. Experience at least 6-12 months. Basic salary + % project profit.